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Opening Day – Little League Edition

March 20, 2017

Opening Day – Little League Edition

Opening Day – Little League Edition

Little League Opening Day 2017 is just around the corner. Leagues across the country are preparing for the upcoming extravaganza. In a way, the opening ceremony is a marriage of the past and the future. You’re celebrating everything your league was in the past, all the memories people have, the wins and the losses, the nights spent huddled on cold bleachers cheering for your team, and the warm summer days soaked in sunscreen and snow cones. At the same time, you’re celebrating the future, the champions yet to come, and the fun yet to be had. This blend of nostalgia and anticipation is key to vibrant Little League Opening Day Ceremonies.

Opening Day mixes all these things into one. As a result, there’s a lot of pressure to get it right. You want the experience to be memorable and engrossing. This is an event for the whole community, meaning it’s a great way to get people engaged with your league. Let’s make it count!

How to Plan an Opening Ceremony

The first thing you’ll want to do is assign the right people to the task. Is there an event coordinator among you? If there isn’t an experienced person readily at hand, you may want to investigate hiring someone to plan and orchestrate the event. If there is someone among the ranks of the League’s Board eager to take a crack at planning Opening Day, make sure to assign them helping hands where necessary.


You should create a Little League Opening Day flyer to spread throughout your community. Local businesses, schools, and libraries are opportunities to connect your league with potential customers, as well as open up the door for potential sponsor relationships.


Your Little League’s Opening Day Ceremony agenda should account for as many moving parts as possible. Building some extra time, invisible to the public, into the schedule to make up for any mishaps can greatly reduce stress on the day of. Additionally, you want to make sure your agenda is clear and accessible to people. Attendees will want to know when stuff is happening. The more informed parents are, the smoother the event will go.


Little League Opening Day activity ideas should be pulled from as many places as possible so that you can reach a broader audience. You want your Little League Opening Day activities to be fun and engaging for a wide age group. Things like a home run derby, obstacle course, tug-of-war, bean bag toss, and a raffle can all make for an engaging experience. You may also want to have a speech for your Little League Opening Day or some sort of entertainer.

Little League Opening Day ideas can come from anywhere. If you’re stuck, try asking some of your supporters. Not only are these people already engaged, but they’re invested in the league’s future. Returning parents are the most likely ones to have an opinion, and they’ll be able to weigh in with their personal experiences and tell you what worked and what didn’t work in the past.


Opening Day Ceremonies are also a great opportunity to thank your sponsors for supporting this upcoming Little League season. Encourage their attendance and give them some love during the ceremonies. You might also want to ask them about providing content for a raffle, as it would serve as an opportunity to further highlight their brand.


Being effectively equipped this season is a must. Finding a favorite baseball mitt or perhaps even a bat typically is a personal preference. When it comes to lugging your gear back and forth, what do most people use? Some kids are going to the backpack bat bag style while some will use the old traditional longer bags. If you purchase a longer style baseball bat bag or catchers bag make sure you purchase one with Fat Wheel Technology like the Dinger II baseball bat bag and for catchers try our NO E2 Catchers bag. They are actually easy to lug across the brutal terrain and can take a beating more than a regular in-line skate wheel bat bag. 

Final Thoughts

Little League Opening Day is a fantastic opportunity to reach the community at large and get people connected with your league. Make sure you seize it!

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