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The Catcher’s Bag For The Future All-Star

June 25, 2017 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

The Catcher’s Bag For The Future All-Star | No Errors Sports

The Catcher’s Bag For The Future All-Star

Catchers are notoriously underrated. Pitchers are celebrated for their perfect games, yet no perfect game could be accomplished without a superb catcher behind the plate. The great hitters are lifted high for their offensive prowess, yet the defensive command that catchers hold goes largely unnoticed. Yet, what pitcher could have a perfect game without a reliable catcher maintaining his cool in the instance of an uncaught third strike?

Alas, the spotlight graces the backs of other players and tends to skip over catchers. Certainly, there have been some remarkable catchers that have stood under the bright lights of fame: Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, Mike Piazza, Carlton Fisk, and even the occasional up-and-comer like Buster Posey. However, these are more the exception than the norm.

However, America’s greatest game celebrates more than just fame, and having exceptional skills as a catcher is incredibly valuable. Certainly, MLB’s next set of all-star catchers are already playing now. Whether you’re a parent of a player or a player yourself, the question in that scenario becomes: how do I best equip for the catcher’s position?

The bag is an all-important decision. With many different bags on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Which option is the best. Here are some things to look for:


Too many of the catchers bags on the market crumble with just a few months of play. Tears will appear, holes will be ripped into existence, wheels will fall off, zippers will break, and now you are stuck with a product in tatters and money gone to waste.

You want a bag that can stand the test of time, travel, and the terrible abuse of the elements! If the wheels aren’t going to hold up over rough terrain, you should buy a different bag! If the fabric isn’t made from the toughest stuff out there, you should buy a different bag!


You want a bag that offers a great deal of compartmentalization and can store all your necessary items. If you need to bring a whole fleet of bags to the field to carry all your equipment, you should look at different options for catcher's bags! No-Errors boasts an incredible catcher’s bags with remarkable storage capacity: specialized cleat pockets, pockets for bats, and pockets galore to put everything you have in its own neat, contained, location.

Put the days of reaching in blindly for your gear in the past! Move forward with increased organization and ease of access.

No Errors

These important qualities of longevity and organization are all things that No Errors is able to offer. Many customers are able to say that their bags lasted them several years! Additionally, our catchers bags are made with heavy-duty material, reinforced stitching, and wheels that laugh in the face of tough terrain. All of these things lead to a much longer lifespan for your catcher’s bag, making your life a lot easier. Additionally, we provide a myriad of pockets for your storage needs!

Save yourself time. Save yourself money. Save yourself frustration. Choose No Errors.