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NO E2 Catchers Bag



 As a catcher, you need to take a lot of gear along to every game. Most baseball equipment bags just don't have enough space to fit everything that you require, and those that do typically make it hard to access your essentials every inning. The NO ERRORS NO E2 Catchers Bag with FatBoy Wheels is designed differently and will save you time and spare you hassles when you head to the field.

The NO ERRORS NO E2 Catchers Bag with FatBoy Wheels is more than just a baseball bat or baseball helmet bag. It's an all-in-one storage solution that holds everything that a catcher needs for the game. 

Get to the game and back without all the hassles! Keep your gear organized and within easy reach with the best of the catchers bags on Amazon! Order the NO ERRORS NO E2 Catchers Bag with FatBoy Wheels now!

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    • A PLACE TO PUT EVERYTHING - Our baseball equipment bag has nine pockets and compartments with three that are ventilated to help wet items dry. A shelving system, expandable shinguard pocket and heavy-duty cleat pocket separate our design from other baseball bags
    • PLENTY OF SPACE FOR YOUR ESSENTIALS - Our catcher gear bag has enough room to hold up to three baseball bats, all of a catcher's essential gear plus batting and catcher's helmets. You'll never need to carry a separate baseball helmet bag or bat bag again!
    • GET ACCESS TO EVERYTHING IN SECONDS - Unlike other baseball equipment bags, the NO E2 catchers gear bag makes it easy to access your gear. Four hideaway hooks enable you to hang it anywhere!
    • ROLLS ANYWHERE WITH EASE - The baseball bag’s wheeled design lets you easily maneuver the gear bag. Our Fat Boy wheels have heavy-duty treads that allow the catchers bag to move over grass, dirt and concrete with equal ease
    • BUILT TOUGH FOR TRAVEL - Our baseball bag is built to outlast other catchers bags on the market today with heavy-duty materials and reinforced stitching that resists rips and tears


    Our baseball bag includes nine pockets with:

    • 3 ventilated pockets that help wet gear dry inside of the catcher gear bag
    • Cleat pocket with heavy-duty protective board that protects the fabric
    • Expandable pocket for holding shin guards
    • Space for up to three, 34" baseball bats
    • Places to stow both catchers and batting helmets


    Not only can you hold more gear in the NO ERRORS NO E2 Catchers Bag with FatBoy Wheels than you can in a conventional baseball equipment bag, but our catchers gear bag has advanced features that make it easier to carry & use on game day

    • FatBoy Wheels - Our baseball bag wheeled design makes it ready for all types of terrain. The FatBoy wheels are heavy-duty and able to roll over surfaces other baseball equipment bags can't.
    • Integrated Shelving System - All of your gear stays neatly inside and organized.
    • 4 Hideaway Hooks - Unlike other baseball bags, the NO ERRORS NO E2 can be hung in a convenient spot for easy access.
    • Durable Design - Heavy-duty fabrics and reinforced stitching make our baseball bag the best money can buy.



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