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The Top Pick baseball and softball backpack


You can't play at your best if you're dehydrated, so you need to bring plenty of water or your favorite sports drink to practice and games. But who wants to lug around a bulky water bottle that can get lost and dirty? With the No Errors The Top Pick Hydration Baseball Backpack, you can keep your favorite form of refreshment at the ready and hidden from sight in the same bag that you store all of your gear in!

The No Errors The Top Pick Hydration Baseball Backpack is an ingenious baseball and softball backpack that combines the innovative storage solutions of our baseball backpacks with the added benefits of a hydration backpack. With the hydration pack backpack, you'll receive a bladder that you can fill with any beverage. Then, slip it in its dedicated storage pocket, feed the hose through the hole and you're ready to drink on the go!

Stay hydrated and keep all of your gear safe and sound on the go with the best of the softball and baseball backpacks on the market today! Order the No Errors The Top Pick Hydration Baseball Backpack now.


Softball & Baseball Backpacks with Hydration Bladder & Tube Plus Dual Bat & Glove Storage Compartments - Comfortable, Durable Design

  • STAY HYDRATED THROUGHOUT THE GAME - This baseball gear bag doubles as a hydration backpack with a refillable bladder inside and a convenient hose
  • KEEP TWO BATS WITHIN EASY REACH - Our baseball and softball backpack has two drawstring compartments that are perfectly sized for holding regulation bats
  • HANG IT WITH EASE - A hook in our baseball backpack lets you hang the pack right on a fence, so that you can access your gear and keep your bag off the ground
  • READY FOR ALL KINDS OF WEATHER - Unlike other baseball backpacks, our pack has a fold-away travel cover that protects the bag from rain and also keeps your gear from getting scuffed and dirty
  • ULTRA COMFORTABLE - Our hydration pack backpack has adjustable straps and a padded back that makes it a pleasure to wear


Our baseball hydration pack backpack is packed with storage solutions, including:

  • 2 velvet-lined drawstring compartments for bats
  • 2 zippered side pockets perfectly sized for gloves
  • Drop-down valet pocket with a mesh liner for wet and dirty items
  • Spacious main compartment with plenty of room for gear
  • Handy front accessory pocket for items you need to access quickly like your phone and keys


Plus, our baseball and softball backpack has a number of other unique features, such as:

  • Strong, easy-to-pull ergonomic zippers
  • Fold-away travel cover for protecting gear
  • Integrated hanging hook
  • Padding in the back for added comfort
  • Adjustable straps
  • Customizable pouch for labeling your bag
  • Removable side pouches for silk screening or embroidering

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