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Ball Boy XL and Coaches Ball Buddy Bundle


Coaches, make getting to the field easy with the Ball Boy XL and CBB coaches bundle. The Ball Boy Xl with FatBoy Wheel Technology allows you to rig up your bag with the necessary items for any game or practice. You can outfit it with all your speed and agility gear or other training tools. You may want to keep for only carry six gallon buckets of balls. Some elect to carry a combination. The Ball Boy XL provides you a great way to get the field with less stress of carry som many awkward items.

The CBB "Coaches Ball Bag" is a great bag to go along with the Ball Boy XL. This unique bucket ball bag provides you a way to carry some balls for practice, keep a few drinks in the built in cooler and keep all your items needed for a game or practice organizes. Keep your phone safe, store a few pens and pencils, keep your itinerary handy, and keep car keys right where you can find them afterward all in one convenient pocket. All this with combined with a comfortable seat cushion to use while you make out the line-up, catch a little bullpen and simply resting in between tournament games.

The Ball Boy XL and Coaches Ball Buddy is the perfect bundle.

Ball Boy XL and Coaches Ball Buddy Bundle


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You’ll wonder how you ever coached without them. 

Since the invention of the bat bag, the Ball Boy XL Coaches Bag by No Errors is arguably the best coaches bag for baseball and softball coaches. There is no other bag that will make your job of transporting equipment to and from the field as easy, efficient and hassle-free.  

Because you need DURABILITY. 

The Ball Boy XL Coaches Bag is designed to last. We built this extremely durable wheeled bag to be ideal for any coach who carries buckets of balls and other practice-related equipment on and off the diamond. 

The Ultimate Two-Bag System for Coaches 

The Ball Boy XL combined with the CBB "Coaches Ball Bag" makes the tough job of a coach 100x  easier. Throw the CBB over your shoulder and drag the wheeled Ball Boy XL behind you. We make it ridiculously easy to transport your gear inone place forone trip to the field or back to your vehicle. 

All About the Ball Boy XL 

If you're looking for a convenient way to store all your coach's practice equipment in a bag and easily roll it to your vehicle or directly onto the field, you’re in the right place. The Ball Boy XL is equipped with everything you need for an effortless travel experience. 

Check out the Ball Boy XL features: 

  • Extended Handle 
  • The bag has a sturdy and rugged extended handle that allows you to roll a heavy bag with ease. 

  • FatBoy Wheel Technology 
  • The durable handle combined with our FatBoy Wheel technology, which is the only rubber-based wheel on the market that is used by the military to travel over any type of surface. This rugged wheel is built to easily roll over rocks, dirt, grass, and or any other surface you want to challenge. 

  • Internal Divider System 
  • The divider system inside the bag allows the coach or any other user to divide the bag into two separate compartments, so you can organize and store equipment separately. This gives the user a chance to find things quicker and stay more organized. These hard-sided dividers allow you to even store baseball or softballs without the side of the bag walls collapsing due to the heavy nature of the balls. 

  • 14 Zippered Mesh Pockets with Water Bottle Sleeves
  • If you are impressed by the amount of storage inside of the bag, wait until you see the organization on both sides of the bag. Both sidewalls of the bag can be fully unzipped to reveal 7 various size mesh zippers to allow the user to find exactly what they need exactly when they need it. Each side is also equipped with two water bottle sleeves, so you can quickly get to your water bottle when you need it. That's a combination of 14 zippered mesh pockets along with four mesh water bottle sleeves. 

    More Than a Coaches Bag 

    If you’re like many coaches who are using the Ball Boy XL, then you fully understand how this bag makes your life easier. You’ll most likely use it for far more than just hauling your baseball or softball equipment. Many coaches have used it for things such as airport luggage, fitness training equipment, other sporting goods equipment, and much more. We even now sell this bag to rodeo enthusiasts because of how easy it is to store rodeo gear and transport it. 

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    All About the CBB “Coaches Ball Bag” 

    The CBB a.k.a Coaches Ball Bag might as well be called the coaches briefcase. This bag is designed to easily slide a standard six-gallon bucket that you may already have into the large middle compartment. Simply take off the handle of just about any six-gallon bucket and then slide it into the middle of the bag to create an extremely durable bag. Make sure to keep your lid on the bucket so when you flip the padded seat cushion over the lid you have an unbelievably comfortable seat. 

    You can use this seat for numerous things such as catching bullpen, a dugout seat, and many more uses. We understand those days of playing 4, 5 or even six games in a tournament, it’s important to have a comfortable seat that allows you to still feel very involved in the game. 

    Check out the CBB features: 

  • Unbeatable Organization 
  • Stay organized and ready with all your personal items in the right spot. Each side pocket of the CBB "Coaches Ball Bag" is equipped specifically with a coach's needs in mind. On one side pocket, you have a place to store and organize all your personal belongings such as car keys, a notepad, and pencils. This pocket is also large enough to store a glove in it for when you need it or possible to help demonstrate during a drill. 

  • Cooler Side Pocket 
  • You can assure to stay hydrated when you utilize the cooler side pocket conveniently located on the bag. This side pocket is perfect to keep your water bottle nice and cool on those hot game days. 

    Designed by Coaches for Coaches 

    The CBB ' Coaches Ball Bag" is designed by coaches for the coach's needs. You will wonder how you coached without it for all those years. 

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