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Featured No Errors Gear - CBB Coaches Ball Buddy Bag | NO Errors Baseball Equipment Storage

Every baseball or softball coach needs a great bag to tote gear to practices and games. If you’re in the market for the best coaches bag or shopping for a gift for your favorite coach, check out the Coaches Ball Buddy, or CBB. This bag has everything you need to lead your team to victory on game day. High-volume storage and quality construction make the CBB one of the best bags on the market.

Versatile Main Compartment

The CBB is a versatile bag that can make life easier for any coach. The main compartment is large enough to insert a six-gallon bucket of balls. Simply unzip the top and slide the bucket in before you hit the field. An added bonus is that the main compartment doubles as a seat. Once you place the bucket inside, zip up the padded lid to create a comfortable place for you to rest during long practices. Whether you’re sitting in the dugout to strategize with your team or you’re out on the field, observing their techniques during practice, you’ll have a comfortable place to sit and you’ll keep all your gear handy. If you choose not to put a ball bucket in this main compartment, you’ll have plenty of room for other gear like a batting helmet, catcher’s mitt, cleats, or a change of clothes. 

Baseball Storage Bag

Handy Accessory Pocket 

The CBB comes with two handy side pockets that add even more storage space. One pocket is designed to hold all the personal items you may need for games or practice. It’s large enough to hold a fielder’s glove and has sub-compartments to keep you organized. Specialized areas to hold pens, paper, a cell phone, or keys make it easy for you to find important items. This is a great place to store a camera for recording victorious moments or a small first aid kit for dealing with minor bumps and bruises. You could also store a tablet in this space so that you can show your team videos of proper batting techniques or look up the schedule of games for the coming season.

Keeping Your Cool 

The second side pocket on the CBB is an insulated cooler pocket. Fill this compartment up with ice to keep your drinks cold on warm spring days. It’s large enough to hold multiple drinks, so you’ll be able to stay hydrated all day. Plus, it's fully lined so you won’t have to worry about moisture leaking into the main compartment. Don’t forget to pack some healthy snacks or a sandwich to give your body the fuel it needs to guide your awesome team. 

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Thoughtful Details

A great bag needs more than just large storage volume and there are lots of little details that help make the CBB highly functional. For instance, you’ll always be able to tell your bag apart from the others by taking advantage of the write-on locker tag. Just use a permanent marker to add your name, phone number, or other contact information. The CBB also features a removable patch for you to add custom embroidery or screen-print with you initials, team name, or logo. An adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to tote your bag to and from the car. Ergonomic zipper pulls are built to withstand the continuous use of baseball season.

The CBB is a great way to haul all the gear you need in one convenient bag. The spacious storage compartments, high-quality construction, and thoughtful details make the CBB a great bag to buy for yourself or to give as a gift to the coach that helps guide your team.