About Us | No Errors

In 2004 NO ERRORS was founded on a simple mission. To build baseball and softball bags that were more durable with cool functional features and were cosmetically more appealing than any other bag on the market.

Like playing sports......

We try to get up everyday looking to be better than we were yesterday.

We believe to truly be great at anything we will need to first love it and be passionate about it.

We realize set backs are a part of becoming who we want to be but this is when we find out who we are and what we need to do to be better.

We aim to treat everyone with respect and always do what is right even if it isn’t always easy.

We believe in holding ourselves and our community accountable, which will only elevate us all.

We believe in dreaming big.

And most importantly we cherish old friends, we continue to make new ones and we make sure they stay a part of our journey.

We hope you will join us.