Our Guarantee

The NO ERRORS 1-Year Bag Guarantee

We’ve got all your bases covered.

Our Mission

NO ERRORS was founded in 2004 with a simple mission: Building baseball and softball bags that were more versatile, feature-packed, durable, and cosmetically appealing than any other bag on the market. Today, we continue our mission to make not just great bags, but the best bags on the diamond.

We’re behind every bag.

Each one of our bags is handcrafted by real people, so we understand sometimes things go wrong and a bag may fail and if that happens, we’re here to help! When you spend your hard-earned money on our bags, you can do so knowing we’re behind it.

Our Guarantee

If any part of your No Errors bag becomes non-functional or defective due to a manufacturing error, within a year of purchase, we will repair or replace it with either the same or similar product.  Please read below what the guarantee covers and does not cover.

What It Covers:

  • Manufacturing error defects
  • Failures or breakages that render part or all of your bag non-functional from normal use caused by a manufacturing defect.

What It Doesn’t Cover:

  • Cosmetic blemishes, scratches or stains
  • Wear & tear
  • Failures or breakages due to misuse, neglect or intentional damage
  • Material failure due to bags being drug on their side or upside down on hard surfaces causing scratches, rips, tears, holes or zipper damage.
  • Zipper failure due to metal spike damage on the teeth of the zipper.

Note the "non-functional or defective" part. This means that the guarantee does not cover cosmetic wear that does not affect the safety or function of your bag. In our opinion, a little scratch or knick here and there shows you’re serious about your game. But if something breaks due to manufacturer defect or during normal use, we’re behind you all the way.

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Why One Year?

We know you’re a serious player. We also know any manufacturing defects will rear their head within the first year, in most cases within the first 1-3 months if not sooner, so we want you to feel 100% confident in your purchase.  We believe if you use your bag with respect it will be there for many games and practices.  There is no reason you shouldn't be able to use your bag for many seasons.

Warranty Rules

We’ve established our reputation on building high-quality bags and offering the best customer service in the industry and we’re going to keep up our end of that bargain. We kindly ask our customers to keep up their end, too.  So please don’t interpret our guarantee as a license to misuse, neglect, or intentionally destroy your No Errors bags. We also reserve the right to change this policy at any time in the future.

Warranty Claims in the last month of a warranty period

No Errors has a policy in place regarding warranty claims submitted during the last month of the warranty period. While the company values all of its customers and strives to protect their interests, it aims to avoid users who neglect their bags and then submit a warranty claim at the end of the warranty period. The company's policy is designed to protect legitimate warranty claims and prevent price increases for customers. Overall, No Errors wants to ensure that its customers are treated fairly and receive the benefits of the warranty policy.  

Mandatory warranty claim form submission

Customers who are experiencing an issue with a bag MUST submit a warranty claim.  No Errors will not use email, live chat, text or any other communication to start a warranty claim.  All claims are documented via our Warranty Claim Form and will then be handled via email communication at our warranty@no-errors.com email address only.  Please be sure to submit all information requested on the warranty claim form to be considered for a warranty replacement or repair.  Failure to submit all the information needed may result in a denied claim.  

Warranty Period

A warranty period is considered from the time you first purchased your bag until 365 days after that established date on your sales receipt.  If a warranty claim is made and approved with a replacement product provided the start date for the replacement product is the same time period as the original warranty period.  The warranty period for the original purchase and a replacement product is based of the original purchase date.

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