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FatBoy Wheel technology is an innovative solution born out of three events. 

The first was that we took the time to really listen to our customers. Many great ideas have been sparked by hearing what customers have to say about your product; How it improved their lives, and what would they feel could be done better. On a sunny Friday afternoon in 2009, a steady customer of ours told Ron Reed, founder of GearGuard Sports and NO ERRORS, about his struggle rolling his baseball bags using inline skate wheels. He showed us how the wheels had become severely damaged by being rolled over dirt and rocks, and how eventually it had taken a toll on the bag itself. 

The second event was just a case of timing. The very next day after that conversation, Reed spent his Saturday morning watching his two young sons play with a remote-controlled Monster Truck in the street of his neighborhood home. As the two boys pushed the toy truck to the limit, climbing over mounds of dirt, rocks and anything else they could discover laying around, Reed begins to imagine the wheels from the truck on his own line of baseball bags. He realized that his customer from the previous day had a valid point, and he had just found a solution by simply watching his two boys play.


That’s where the real challenge and third event came in to play. The wheels on his boys’ toy were built specifically for a remote controlled car. The toy wheels would not take the abuse and weight that an avid baseball player’s bag would put on them. Reed began to research everything he could about wheels, and with a little luck and lots of help, he found the right people who could help him engineer a wheel built specifically for his kind of product. Reed may have put a number of pieces together to create the wheels, but it was truly a combination of various events that made this idea come to life. 

Since the FatBoy Wheel has been launched, it has been built and assembled not only for baseball and softball bags, but for other related products as
well. Its extreme durability and functionality have even made it the choice for a number of bags used by the U.S. military. 

FatBoy Wheels are another example of how all the products that are developed within the NO ERRORS line of baseball bags, catcher’s bags and more - are born out of necessity. We want every one of our products to resolve a real issue for our baseball bag users. We’re not excited about products that are simply “me too products”, but rather those that provide a concrete benefit or solution to our bag users. That’s the difference between us and the rest. We produce products that create a real point of difference between us and our competition.