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X-ray Vision Inside a Baseball Player’s Backpack | No-Errors Baseball & Softball Gear

It’s one of the most mysterious places on Earth: the depths of a baseball player’s backpack. Moms everywhere shutter to imagine stinky old socks, empty sunflower seeds bags, and general grime lurking in the backpack. In truth, it’s almost never as bad as you would imagine. If you could use X-ray vision to see inside the ball player’s backpack, you may be pleasantly surprised!

NO Errors Favorite Snacks


No athlete can compete without the right fuel, so it will come as no surprise to find a collection of great snacks. Sunflower seeds are classic dugout snack a baseball player’s bag. The vitamins and healthy fats in the seeds help keep players in tip-top shape. Plus, chewing the seeds and spitting out the shells is a great way to pass time on the bench. Big League Chew bubblegum is another staple for ball players because it helps players keep their mouths from getting dry in the outfield. Other snacks like protein bars and sports drinks also make appearances in the baseball player’s backpack.

Best Baseball Glove No Errors


Everyone knows that a good quality baseball glove makes all the difference for catchers, basemen, and outfielders. A good baseball glove tends to gain sentimental value over the years. There’s nothing like catching a home run ball hit by the other team to cause a player to get attached to his glove. Gloves aren’t just for catching though. Batters often use gloves too in order to help improve their grip on the bat and absorb shock. Don’t be surprised to find a variety of gloves in your ballplayer’s bag.

Mizuno 9-Spike Swagger Cleats No Errors


Any fashionista will tell you that the right pair of shoes can make any outfit shine. Similarly, any baseball player will tell you that the right pair of cleats can make all the difference in a game. That’s why you'll almost always find a pair of cleats in the bottom of the backpack. Unfortunately, this also means you’ll probably find a layer of dirt and clay from the infield. Parents everywhere should try to embrace it. (Or, maybe invest in a good washing machine).

Beats Headphones No-Errors


The pressure of a looming game or tryouts can cause stress for even the most well-prepared baseball players. Lots of athletes turn to music as a way to calm their minds and distract themselves from anxious thoughts. When you peek into a ball player’s bag, you’ll probably find an MP3 player loaded with lots of great music. Whether it’s something soothing to distract from pre-game jitters or something more upbeat to get the competitive juices flowing before going up to bat, lots of players utilize music to keep them in the right frame of mind.

The Scout Backpack

Clearly, baseball players need a lot of gear to perform at their personal best. This means that the backpack your ball player chooses is almost as important as their other gear. The Scout backpack is roomy enough to hold everything a player needs for game day, making it a great choice for young players. It features side pockets for gloves, a single bat compartment, a secure compartment for MP3 players or cell phones, and a velvet pouch for personal items. Convenient hooks on the top of the bag make it easy to hang up on a fence to keep everything clean and dry.

Now that you’ve used your X-ray vision to peek inside a ball player’s backpack, you understand a bit more about what athletes need to thrive on the field. Healthy snacks, good quality gear, some musical distraction, and the right bag to hold it all can help a young baseball player achieve their personal best.