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Click the video to learn more about all the great features the NO E2 catchers bag has to offer. This is why the bag has been

the best selling catchers bag since 2004.

Enough room to carry all of your gear

The NO E2 has plenty of room to hold all of your gear. Designed for the catcher who may play more than one position. This oversized bag will hold all of your gear for a long day at the field. No more carrying around more than one bag.

Fatboy wheel technology

Our Fatboy Wheel Technology can withstand up to  500lbs of stress. no other wheel technology can make that claim. Our Fatboy Wheel Technology  is not only trusted by baseball and softball players, but this wheel technology is desired by various branches of the military because of it's durability.

Fully functional for everyday use

Comes with nine pockets and compartments, and can easily hold four 36" bats. The built-in 3-shelf system lets you separate your helmets or lay the shelves flat for a large oversized compartment. The large bat compartment can easily hold four bats comfortably but could hold  up to 6-8 bats depending on size.

Ventilated wet gear  pocket

The expandable shin guard pocket, the heavy-duty cleat pocket, and wet gear pocket are vented to help air out your gear so it lasts longer and performs better.

Built for travel

Built to last with heavy-duty materials, reinforced stitching, and oversized lubricated zippers. Resists rips, tears, and the large zipper teeth help your bag perform well on the dirtiest of fields.

Bumper system

The rail system on the bottom of the NO E2 keeps your bag from buckling and folding in half. The bumpers keep your NO E2 bag up off the ground to help keep your gear safe and dry. The bumpers are also fence hooks  so you can hang your NO E2 like a portable locker.

4 hide-a-way hooks

4 built-in gear hooks lets you keep your helmets and other essential equipment off the ground and easily accessible during a game between innings. 

Woven label locker tag

The NO E2 has a locker tag for you to put your name on your bag and an embroidery panel that makes it easy to customize your bag with your name, team, and number.

CHOOSE FROM 10 great colors

The NO E2 Catcher's Bag comes in 10 great colors
No matter what your team colors are, we have a color that will meet and match your uniform colors

One Year Warranty

The NO E2 comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects . If your zipper stops working or the stitching starts unravelling, we've got you covered with the best warranty in the business.

Watch these videos to learn more about our NO E2 and Fatboy Wheel technology


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