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A half inch could be the difference between a hit and a strike out

At true diamond science, we understand that an incorrectly sized bat can be the difference between getting to the ball and striking out. This is why all our hybrid bats are purposfully designed to go up in half in increments vs the industry standard - full inch. by only going up a half inch in length between sizes, our bats give youth athletes total control over their equipment. Regardless of age or skill, true bats will give athletes the ability to scale their equipment based on their progress and swing type. Because of our unique design and munufacturing approach, our bats feature some of the tightest weight tolerances in the fame. Parents, players and coaches will appreciate the wider selection of bat style and sizes that true offers the youth athlete.

what is fused

The Fused technology method has enhanced bat construction without dampening control.
Listen in on how Fused technology will enhance your hitting

what is smartply

Smartply technology allows for increased functionality by redistributing the weight throughout the bat.
Find out more about this revolutionary tech in our video.

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In a season of unpredictability, we want you to feel confident in your decision to buy TRUE, so we are extending our 60-day fit guarantee to 120 days. This means you now have an additional 60 days to ensure your player has the ideal bat for their game.

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