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The 3 Lefty

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Coaches, make getting to the field easy with the Ball Boy XL and CBB coaches bundle. The Ball Boy Xl with FatBoy Wheel Technology allows you to rig up your bag with the necessary items for any game or practice. You can outfit it with all your speed and agility gear or other training tools. You may want to keep for only carry six gallon buckets of balls. Some elect to carry a combination. The Ball Boy XL provides you a great way to get the field with less stress of carry som many awkward items.

The CBB "Coaches Ball Bag" is a great bag to go along with the Ball Boy XL. This unique bucket ball bag provides you a way to carry some balls for practice, keep a few drinks in the built in cooler and keep all your items needed for a game or practice organizes. Keep your phone safe, store a few pens and pencils, keep your itinerary handy, and keep car keys right where you can find them afterward all in one convenient pocket. All this with combined with a comfortable seat cushion to use while you make out the line-up, catch a little bullpen and simply resting in between tournament games.

The Ball Boy XL and Coaches Ball Buddy is the perfect bundle.

The 3 Lefty
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Our 1st base glove forms are the perfect universal form for first base gloves up to 14". The Lefty is for, (you guessed it) our left-handed first basemen and The 3 Grande is for right handed players.  Our forms will help form the perfect pocket in your first baseman glove to scoop balls out of the dirt and help you secure every throw within your reach. It creates a deep and consistent pocket, rolls in the fingers to keep balls from squirting out and creates the perfect line for the thumb to trap balls and minimize deflections of thrown balls off the glove.


    • The only patented glove care product specifically designed for left hand throwing first base gloves--maintains a firm backing and wide pocket for great feel and perfect Control. Fits all first base mitts up to 14".
    • Protects and keeps shape of your entire glove when it's not being used which provides consistency and allows you to develop a feel for your glove. Use to shape and protect new or broken in gloves.
    • Neobreathe ™ compression case fabric draws sweat from the glove. It also significantly decreases break in time by applying a constant light stretch to the leather.
    • Significantly decreases break in time of new gloves.
    • Removable handle wrap for name/number Embroidery. Glove not included. Pocket colors may vary.

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